Unique in its kind, Mobilis aims to become the first flexible, multifunctional and industrial building with a BREEAM Outstanding rating.


Energy will be generated mainly by geothermal technology, meaning that the project's energy needs will be met largely by renewable sources. Indeed, the photovoltaic solar panels on the roof will make Mobilis 100% energy-neutral.


In another mark of sustainability, it will also have a neutral water balance. Mobilis will minimise demand for mains water. How? With the roof's efficient rainwater drainage system. This will ensure that more rainwater can be used to irrigate the roof gardens and flush the toilets, with the surplus water filtering back into the ground via a natural channel. All of this will cut water bills and reduce runoff flow around the building.

Green roof

A green oasis on the roof will provide a calm and relaxing space for the building's occupants. The rooftop will also feature an urban vegetable garden where the restaurant can grow its own produce.