An investment that will serve as a shining example for the whole Canal Area

D'Ieteren has been closely associated with Brussels and its industrial history since 1805. 

D'Ieteren's investment in this location is crucial and will serve as a shining example for the whole Canal Area. With Mobilis, the Group will not only create employment but has decided to go above and beyond by opening up the project to a wide range of businesses. This signals a commitment to a neighbourhood that is very much on the up.

Mobilis will create an inviting, stimulating and engaging environment. The building is intended to be attractive both to users, as a result of its carefully calibrated circulation routes, and to onlookers viewing it from the surrounding area. This won't just be a building that can be endlessly adapted to new activities, but also a structure in which anything can happen: studios/workshops, co-working in the production sector, catering/hospitality, sports and gym facilities, even a museum! The top floor with its restaurant and green roof will provide a fascinating blend of hospitality and urban farming. 

D'Ieteren Immo organised an architecture competition, the winner of which, Xaveer De Geyter Architects (XDGA), successfully translated the company's vision into a one-of-a-kind concept and a set of specific plans.