The idea behind Mobilis is simple yet ambitious: to create a multi-purpose, flexible and future-oriented building. This is somewhere you will be able to proudly showcase your commercial activity or studio.

Mobilis will occupy the Anderlecht-Industrie site, which the D'Ieteren Group has been operating for 30 years now, at the Anderlecht intersection between Boulevard Industriel and Boulevard Paepsem.

The building will form the cornerstone of an ambitious vision centred on innovation, sustainability and flexibility.

The name Mobilis is inspired by French writer Jules Verne. Tying in with the motto Mobilis in mobili ('moving amidst mobility', or 'changing in the changes') that features in Verne's novels, the site will reflect the changing nature of mobility – like the rest of Brussels' up-and-coming Canal Area.

In keeping with this ambition, the building will be home to not only the 'garage of the future' but also a huge variety of types of productive and commercial activity in the broadest sense – even on the roof. Mobilis will be an environment that can move with the times and change its purpose when needed.

D'Ieteren Immo takes a smart approach to innovation, drawing on well thought-out, functional solutions that fit into the bigger picture and anticipate demand. D'Ieteren is a business firmly anchored in Brussels and the future of the capital.