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What does D'Ieteren Immo do?

D'Ieteren Immo is the real-estate arm of the D'Ieteren Group in Belgium and manages the real estate required for the Group's activities, such as offices, workshops, concessions, logistics centres and parking facilities.

D'Ieteren Immo's activities mainly focus on site conversions and locating new development areas in the semi-industrial and services sectors and on the housing market.

The company also provides real-estate advice and offers an innovative range of services to our end customers, the tenants of the 31 sites in our portfolio.

Through its various activities, D'Ieteren Immo tries to make its sites as attractive and appealing as possible. Some have been Group assets for decades.

The company is committed to excellence within its various areas of responsibility, through:

  • rigorous governance;
  • sustainable management of its real-estate portfolio;
  • long-term relationships with its customers, suppliers and authorities;
  • a well-trained and proactive team.

D'Ieteren Immo prides itself on being a responsible real-estate company that thinks about and anticipates economic, social and environmental developments. The company also innovates continuously in a bid to create long-term value for all of its stakeholders, including its customers and suppliers, its employees and shareholders, and society in general.

What is the purpose of Mobilis?

We want to create a space that enables complementarity between the various existing and future modes of urban transport, but that will also be sustainable and flexible over time. 

Our primary aim is therefore to construct a multi-purpose, flexible and sustainable building. The building will host various types of activity, including, first and foremost, commercial activities (sales and customer service).

The whole development will be a vibrant mix centred around the theme of mobility in the broad sense of the word.

Sustainability is a priority for you. What steps will you take to reduce the footprint of the building (and its construction)?

With its use of solar panels, geothermal energy and rainwater storage, Mobilis will be both energy-neutral and climate-proof. Climate data forecasts for 2050 have been factored into the design of building services. Our plans for bio-diverse greenery, sophisticated management of natural light through the use of patios, and smart meters will help the building to operate sustainably. Entirely designed in BIM, the building will actively contribute to sustainability goals. What's more, using the canal as a logistical artery will allow the construction process to be as respectful as possible of the surrounding area and wider environment.

We've also carried out extensive studies with expert partners with a view to dismantling and reusing as much of the existing building as possible. The concrete structure will be used as aggregate, bricks will be repurposed as granitto, and concrete panels will be transformed into an outdoor patio, to give just a few examples.

Where will Mobilis be built?

Mobilis will be built on the corner of Boulevard Industriel and Boulevard Paepsem in Anderlecht.

Why there?

Unlike those businesses moving out of the Brussels-Capital Region, D'Ieteren Immo believes that making a sustainable investment in the city is a challenge worth taking on, especially in a highly attractive location like this. 

Moreover, this site adjoins the location of the Brussels-Capital Region's ambitious Canal Plan, designed to address the challenges facing the area now and over the next 20 years by boosting economic activity, creating housing, improving public space and promoting a mix of functions and a diverse population, among other goals.

The size of the Canal Area will be decided based on the urban spatial planning blueprints, and the Biestebroeck industrial zone will be transformed into a Business Zone in an Urban Setting (ZEMU/OGSO) to foster a good mix between production activities and housing. The D'Ieteren site in Anderlecht will thus find itself at the gateway to an up-and-coming urban centre. Moreover, the area around Biestebroeck Dock in Anderlecht is one of the main urban development zones within the Canal Plan, with various public and private investment projects planned for the area. The Nautilus project being built by Eaglestone directly opposite the site is one of the first tangible signs of this plan and gives a real sense of the scale of the neighbouring constructions to come.

Against this backdrop, the Canal Plan team was keen to develop the site and opened the door to new projects, and so the idea of a multifunctional and flexible building for the 'garage of the future', proudly showcasing production and commercial activities, was born.

Since D'Ieteren already owns the site, work can get under way sooner than would otherwise be the case.

How big will the building be?

Mobilis will have a total surface area of around 23,000 m².

What is the timetable for the work?

Early 2021: Building permit is awarded

Mid-2021: Work starts

July 2024:Building is commissioned

Who designed the building?

Design team Xaveer De Geyter Architects (XDGA) – UTIL – BOYDENS

Why this design team?

A competition for Mobilis attracted entries from 40 architecture firms, all eager to design the garage of the future. Five were shortlisted, and the jury ultimately chose design team XDGA – UTIL - BOYDENS as the winner to take Mobilis forward, in collaboration with the engineering companies Util, Boydens Engineering and Daidalos Peutz.