Follow the various construction phases of the Mobilis project here!

The meticulous preparations for the Mobilis project are almost over and the actual construction work is poised to begin! Building permit received ? Work will start in mid-2021, with Mobilis scheduled to open for business in july 2024.

Milestone 1: Demolition of the existing building

In 2020, D'Ieteren Immo started its dismantling of the existing building based on its circular approach. Circularity was paramount here. If items were still useable, they were set aside for another lease of life in the new building. Those that could not be reused were taken away for reuse or recycling elsewhere.

Milestone 2: Earthworks

Excavation work will start in mid-2021. Mindful of the need to take care of the environment, we are looking into how the excavated soil can be put to good use. One option already on the table would be to turn it into bricks which would then be reused as part of the new building.

Milestone 3: Laying of the foundation stone

It's a big moment! After the excavation work, we'll be able to lay the much-anticipated foundation stone for our 'garage of the future'.

Milestone 4: Provisional acceptance

The provisional acceptance of Mobilis is expected in 2023. We're almost there. Not long now until the first tenants can move in!

Milestone 5: The inauguration

The culmination of all the hard work, when we get to enjoy the masterpiece we've been looking forward to for so long!