The existing 10,400-m² site will make way for a bold mixed urban project with a total developed surface area of 35,000 m².

Mobilis is located in an urban industry area and focuses on a variety of activities. It was designed with particular attention to logistical accessibility so that all levels of the building can accommodate these kind of functions. 

At the lower levels, sales rooms and workshops for the Volkswagen, ŠKODA et SEAT/Cupra brands will be set up.

The rest of the space, up to and including the roof, is earmarked for urban productivity in the broadest sense.

Mobilis will be more than a building.

It will create a fully-fledged community, where the various occupants can interact with each other while enjoying the countless possibilities offered by this building of the future.



The workshop and its warehouse and accompanying car park will occupy an entire floor, but they will be built partially underground so that the public can enter the building at street level from Boulevard Industriel and Boulevard Paepsem.

The showroom and commercial spaces

The showroom and commercial spaces will be located around patios. The spectacular open space around the atria will be the ideal place for different types of activity. There are endless possibilities, all of them involving only minimal structural changes. These include studios, coworking spaces, catering businesses and museums, to name but a few.


As well as parking spaces, there will be areas for production studios/workshops, mobility startups, fab labs, co-working areas, and even sports and gym facilities.


The top floor will house a restaurant using local produce – extremely local, in fact, as it'll be able to grow its own in the roof garden right next to the restaurant!