Mobilis – an experience to savour

It is inviting, stimulating and engaging. It is intended to be attractive both to users, as a result of its generous circulation routes, and to onlookers viewing it from the surrounding area.

We want to create a space that enables complementarity between the various existing and future modes of urban transport, but that will also be sustainable and flexible over time. Among a wealth of other uses, Mobilis will host a garage of the future and anticipate prospective changes there.

The building's 35,000 m² will provide the backdrop for many commercial and productive types of activity dovetailing with the development plan for this urban industrial area.

The showrooms will be clearly visible from the intersection between Boulevard Paepsem and Boulevard Industriel. The volume will be emphasised by thematic patios bringing light into the building and structuring the layout and interconnection between the various parts of the development.

The design uses the contours of the site to their best advantage, with the garage's workshop being partially underground. Mobilis will also boast an urban vegetable garden, a more conventional garden and a café/restaurant.

The whole development will be a vibrant mix centred around the theme of flexibility in the broad sense of the word.