A one-of-a-kind concept and specific plans

Mobilis is a building to be experienced – inviting, stimulating and engaging. It is intended to be attractive both to users, as a result of its generous circulation routes, and to onlookers viewing it from the surrounding area.

Design language

Surprising shapes

The building has an eye-catching and unusual design. Its entirely curved facade alludes subtly to the immediate surroundings and will help the building fit into the cityscape.


All-round circularity

When it comes to circularity, we want this pilot project to serve as a textbook example for other projects entailing a complete redevelopment of the structure.


Broad functionality

Mobilis will be more than a building. It will be a fully-fledged community, where the various occupants can interact with each other while enjoying the countless possibilities offered by this building of the future.

It was designed with a special focus on logistical access so that all the level’s of the building can accommodate these kind of functions.